Transmission line over ground

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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 01:49:44 -0800

I want to thank everyone who posted responses to my question about a half-buried
transmission line. I have some reading to do, and now have several pointers on
where to look.

Since comparisons between Beverage measurements and NEC have been made by
others, I'd like to look closely at the results. Jerry Burke's comment was
particularly interesting:

>A paper was presented at the 1991 IEEE APS Symposium in London, Ontario
>by Rama Rao and Jones who measured the current on a Beverage antenna.
>They claimed to show that King's formula was in agreement with their
>measurements while NEC showed a smaller attenuation. However, they
>apparently did not use enough terms in evaluating the Bessel functions
>in Kings formula (there is cancellation of a leading term). When King's
>formula is evaluated accurately it is in agreement with NEC and Chang
>and Olsen rather than the measurements. That leaves an unexplained
>excess attenuation in the measurements, which seem to have been
>carefully made.

This is what we've seen in comparing measurements made by Tom Rausch with NEC-4
modeling I've done. I'd like to see how well Tom's measurements agree with Rao
and Jones's. The paper may be a bit hard to come by -- could someone please give
me the complete title and particulars? Better yet, if someone would be so kind
as to send a copy I'd be more than happy to pay all expenses and send a SASE.

Thanks again!

Roy Lewallen
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