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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 13:05:11 -0700

After a recent posting about using the GH (Helix Specification) card
in NEC2, I corresponded with Stanley Lim Hock Hin, and he very kindly
faxed me the man page for the GH card. Although the card seems to be
supported in all the versions of NEC-2 I've seen (on the ftp archive),
it isn't documented in the manual from NTIS. Since I thought this might
be of general interest, (and it's pretty short), I thought I'd post it to
the list.

  I've also sent it to Peter Richeson, for inclusion in the online NEC-2

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                        HELIX - SPIRAL SPECIFICATION (GH)

 Purpose: To generate a helix or spiral of wire segments

            Cols Parameter
            1- 2 GH
            3- 5 I1 - ITG
            6-10 I2 - NS
           11-20 F1 - S
           21-30 F2 - HL
           31-40 F3 - A1
           41-50 F4 - B1
           51-60 F5 - A2
           61-70 F6 - B2
           71-80 F7 - RAD



            ITG (11) - Tag number assigned to all segments of the helix or

            NS (12) - Number of segments into which the helix or spiral
                         will be divided.

       Decimal Numbers

            S (F1) - Spacing between turns.

            HL (F2) - Total length of the helix.

            A1 (F3) - Radius in x at z = 0.

            B1 (F4) - Radius in y at z = 0.

            A2 (F5) - Radius in x at z = HL.

            B2 (F6) - Radius in y at z = HL.

            RAD (F7) - Radius of wire.


              1. Structure will be a helix if A2 = A1 and HL > 0.

              2. Structure will be a spiral if A2 = A1 and HL = 0.

              3. HL negative gives a left-handed helix.

              4. HL positive gives a right-handed helix.
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